Challenge Details

  1. Adjust Windows explorer on a Windows 2008 R2 machine by adding a tab to every folder property called "RMS"

  2. When the user clicks on the RMS tab he/she will be able to enable/disable RMS on that folder. The default is RMS is disabled and all the dialog boxes is grey out (disabled), to enable it he/she needs to click on the Enable option

    Enable RMS is not checked (which is the default) then number 2 is disabled thus you cannot pick anything from the drop down list. Users should not be able to click Enable RMS if a Microsoft RMS is not present in the environment. Thus users has to complete step three below before they can enable RMS. Number 3 should always be greyed out until users can enable RMS. If users try to Enable RMS they should receive an error telling them that no Microsoft RMS is present in the Environment

  3. Install and configure Microsoft RMS on Windows 2008 R2. This will require an Active Directory. Both the Microsoft RMS server and the Windows 2008 R2 machine must be part of Active Directory. You can use existing Active Directory or create a new Active Directory for this exercise. The environment can be virtualizing on any virtual technology of your choice. Once Active Directory in Place and both machines are part of it, then install and configure Microsoft RMS, see Microsoft Install and configure AD RMS Step By Step Guide. To complete next steps RMS must be installed and configured and functioning in the environment

  4. Once Microsoft RMS is installed, please create at two RMS templates

    Call first template: Company Confidential ? Internal Only. Document protected by this template can only be read by any company employee. But users cannot copy any part of the document including save as or cut and paste. Call the second template:Read, Forward and Reply, and should allow users to read, forward, and a replay document protected but does not allow then to change the content of the documents

  5. Once steps 3 and 4 are implemented users should be able to enable RMS from the RMS tab. Once enabled, users should be able to see the RMS templates in the drop down list. If a third template is added from RMS MMC then the third template should appear in the drop down list

  6. Users must be able to select a template from the drop down list. Once selected the user must be able to know which template has been selected even after he close the folder properties and re-open it

  7. Once a user select a template, any Microsoft document within the protected directory, should be protected by that template. You should have at least one Microsoft World document. Word version is not important

  8. If the user change the selected template any Microsoft document that was protected with the old document should now be protected with the new document