2010 Award: Abdul Mohsen Al Husseini

Abdul Mohsen Al Husseini, an MIT Mechanical Engineering Master’s student and a 24 year old Jordanian national.

In addition to his Master’s research at MIT’s Space Nanotechnology Lab, Abdul Mohsen Al Husseini was a member of the MIT group participating in the Google Lunar X-Prize competition. He is also a co-inventor of MIT's low-cost ventilator, a project that aims to provide affordable life-saving ventilation for resource-poor regions worldwide. After working there as an intern, he will rejoin NASA full-time after completing his Master's degree later in 2011.


“I was very humbled by being the recipient of the award, and grateful to the Andonis for their generosity,” said Abdul Mohsen Al Husseini; adding, “this award is not my own; there are many exceptional Arab scientists and technologists and I would like to share this award with every one of them.”

Abdul Mohsen Al Husseini plans to obtain a doctorate degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics. Longer term, Abdul Mohsen plans to pursue a space-research focused career, which includes a personal goal of co-founding the Middle-East's space agency. As the winner of the Award this year, Al Husseini received a cash prize of $1,000 along with a new Apple iPad.

Commenting on the significance of this award, Al Husseini said:
“these types of initiatives are a true investment in our future as a community, and I hope that the continuation of this award and others encourage more and more Arabs in their pursuit of excellence in science and technology.”